Who says that crafting isn't art? Most people craft to create, make useful items, or to decorate. These are all things that are also done by fine artists. It's also fun to make things that you will use. I decide to brush up on my sewing by making a new set of body pillow and standard pillow covers. I was at target and saw a throw pillow with a fox on it. I love foxes! They are my favorite animal and I wanted to buy the pillow but it was 24.99. Way too expensive for a pillow just because it has foxes on it. Later in the week I went to Joann's to pick up yarn for the other posts when I found Fox fabric. I was so excited and decided that I wanted to use this fabric to decorate my bedroom, hence this blog about sewing and pillowcases. I'm pretty good at sewing but I really just wanted a pillow case for my new body pillow. What's better than foxes?

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    I am an Art student who is looking to get into art education. I love ceramics and several other media. This is the first blog I have ever done. Feedback is appreciated.


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