It may not be considered art to some but I think that sometimes art is done in order to relax. Buying pre-cut wooden shapes or words and adding color to them is just pure fun. I can sometimes even buy shapes or thing that I feel represent me. I even use some of the wood pieces to decorate my house. I believe that this would qualify as art in the interior design sector. Although wall decorations are a small part of interior design, for those of us with a small budget, these wooden wall hangings can brighten up a space a lot. 
These are just some picture of things I chose to do. I chose the dinosaur because I work at Jurassic Park, The FSU letters were from when I got my acceptance letter, and the Halloween ones are for seasonal decoration purposes. The fish is because I am a pieces.  I also have a Jacksonville Jaguar star that I painted.

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    I am an Art student who is looking to get into art education. I love ceramics and several other media. This is the first blog I have ever done. Feedback is appreciated.


    December 2012
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