For this assignment, we are supposed to find pictures of art created with fibrous materials. Lucky for me I have this image of a patchwork quilt I made for college. I love this blanket. It has so many different textures and colors that it is like a fiber collage. The images below are other works from etsy that are able to be found by searching for fiber. I love the image of the bird as it is so detailed and it is made from fibers, not pen and pencil or paint. I like the moose pillow because my mother is from Canada. The alpaca and turtle are just so cute!!! I wish that I could make things like this. I can knit but crochet is way over my head. As for the last image, I have no idea but I think it was kind of weird. I chose that one because it is an image I wouldn't usually pick. I don't think I would buy this one either, but I do think that I would buy the others. Fiber arts, who knew right?

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    I am an Art student who is looking to get into art education. I love ceramics and several other media. This is the first blog I have ever done. Feedback is appreciated.


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