So I did the last entry based on circular knitting and fiber arts, but this sparked an interest in trying loom knitting. I have seen these many times at Joann's and I kinda wanted to try it so this was the perfect opportunity. 

When I first started I expected to cast on my stitches as normal but event this step was different. I had to wrap the string around the pegs three times and then pull the bottom string over the top of the peg. I totally wasn't expecting to use the little stick that reminded me of a dental tool to do this. 

My first relatively successful attempt ended up being on the wrong size loom. It ended up being like an infant sized hat. Totally frustrating!! So I set out to make another one which is so far turning out better. I can get this one on my head while it is still on the loom. 

Overall, this is more like making the woven pot holders than actual knitting, but it is really fun. I do like the lack of holding two needles but I still wouldn't exactly call it knitting. 

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