Graffiti is often seen in many cities and is often seen as controversial or as vandalism. One of our assignments asked us to find a local example of Graffiti and explain what we thought they were trying to say. This was located in a parking garage at FSU. Interestingly, this was the garage by the fine arts building. When the context is added I believe that this is making a statement that the artist is in fact a creative monster. I think that since it represents Frankenstein it is showing that the artist is misunderstood, and instead of being scary and mean, he is rather just a gentle creative kid. I personally don;t think that this is bad or vandalism. I think that it is a creative change to an otherwise boring parking garage. 
     This piece caught my attention because it is something I walk by almost everyday. I love how it took a boring wall and made it something interesting. I noticed that some people just walked by and didn't take any notice. I feel like those people are too absorbed and need to take some time to look around them and see the beauty that is the world.  This image has since been erased and a boring black spot is in its place. 
     Below is a youtube video of people who got permission to undertake a graffiti project. It is time-lapsed but I really enjoyed it. 

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