Everyone gets the artists writer's block. Everyone has their own way of dealing with it. Mine was to go into my ceramics studio at UNF. Here I could throw clay, sketch ideas in a creative environment, or talk to other advanced students. Just being in a creative environment provides me with inspiration. Like the Pizza kiln!!! This was the best idea ever. We reheated pizza while unloading a cooling kiln. It was 600 degrees and it did its job. 

Now I don't have a ceramics class and I doodle instead. These are some of the doodles that I have come up with in the past week. I still doodle for ceramics so that I have several ideas to try when I get the chance. I like to doodle animals and sometimes images that I might use as a character for something later on. I came up with these for a possible comic about a dragon I was thinking of starting this week. Doing this seems to let out all my unconscious thoughts and releases any blockage in my brain. 
For this assignment, we are supposed to find pictures of art created with fibrous materials. Lucky for me I have this image of a patchwork quilt I made for college. I love this blanket. It has so many different textures and colors that it is like a fiber collage. The images below are other works from etsy that are able to be found by searching for fiber. I love the image of the bird as it is so detailed and it is made from fibers, not pen and pencil or paint. I like the moose pillow because my mother is from Canada. The alpaca and turtle are just so cute!!! I wish that I could make things like this. I can knit but crochet is way over my head. As for the last image, I have no idea but I think it was kind of weird. I chose that one because it is an image I wouldn't usually pick. I don't think I would buy this one either, but I do think that I would buy the others. Fiber arts, who knew right?

The notion of home has always been hard for me. I have felt at home in Jacksonville (thus the Jags and UNF pictures). I have felt at home in Orlando (that's the Universal pictures). Overall though, I feel at home around family. I did this entry because I really liked the example posted for the class. I noticed that all the images I thought represented home, involved family, or times around family and friends, like Christmas and Volleyball games. Home is up to each person, and can have different meanings for everyone. 
    This particular assignment had no requirements except that the images must be made in the three inch by three inch squares. I have done collages before, and I even did one in the first entry to this blog, but for these collages I wanted to place my own limitations on this project. I had to do these three collages without running to Michael's to buy supplies for them. 
    I am a very organized person and I like to plan out my projects. Not being able to plan for these was a challenge. I had to find household objects and this is what I came up with. 
     For image number 1(below right), I used my study tabs from post it notes and some crayon wrappers. When that didn't look like enough of a collage for me, and it was too organized, I decided that splattering nail polish over top of it would be fun and messy. So that's what I did. 
   Image two is similar in that I splashed nail polish on it, three colors, except I did this over pre-wrap used in medical taping  This actually absorbed it rather differently. However this wasn't enough. I then melted some of my crayons, purple and green, on top of it. I like the texture difference, but it doesn't photograph well. 
   Image three was harder. I liked the post it notes and I even liked the casing so I used that too. I liked the pre-wrap too so that made it as well. I wanted to incorporate that it is breast cancer awareness month thus the ribbon, which actually led to the use of the other ribbon. The gem was in the ribbon bag and came from my boyfriends cousins wedding. I like that as a sentimental touch. 
    Overall I thought these came out interesting and I had a lot of fun doing them. 
Graffiti is often seen in many cities and is often seen as controversial or as vandalism. One of our assignments asked us to find a local example of Graffiti and explain what we thought they were trying to say. This was located in a parking garage at FSU. Interestingly, this was the garage by the fine arts building. When the context is added I believe that this is making a statement that the artist is in fact a creative monster. I think that since it represents Frankenstein it is showing that the artist is misunderstood, and instead of being scary and mean, he is rather just a gentle creative kid. I personally don;t think that this is bad or vandalism. I think that it is a creative change to an otherwise boring parking garage. 
     This piece caught my attention because it is something I walk by almost everyday. I love how it took a boring wall and made it something interesting. I noticed that some people just walked by and didn't take any notice. I feel like those people are too absorbed and need to take some time to look around them and see the beauty that is the world.  This image has since been erased and a boring black spot is in its place. 
     Below is a youtube video of people who got permission to undertake a graffiti project. It is time-lapsed but I really enjoyed it. 

     I don't exactly know what a blog is supposed to be. I always picture some version of a diary. When asked to do one for my Studio Art Practices class I was fearful;lost. Following the prompts I was able to at least think about what to do. I chose to start the blog in such a way that the reader can learn about me and I can knock out an assignment at the same time. This is the Body and Soul entry. I am not one for drawing or creating a self portrait as that is not who I am. I decided to do this in a way many of my teachers have asked me to do this before. I have provided a few images of me (at the braves game, playing volleyball, and with my best friend and boyfriend), a few pieces of my art work showing the media I like and what I like to do, and finally my inspiration and support network. Without my family and friends, and yes my dog, I would never have decided I love art as much as I do. 
    I love to cook, paint, play volleyball, and create digital works. I work at Universal Studios Islands of Adventure, which has provided me with much inspiration as the whole place is like a creative playground. Just putting together a collage of things that represent me didn't seem entirely right. I decided to edit the combination by using my graphics tablet to write and draw on the image. Once I did that, I felt like the image was more personal and felt that I could leave this entry as is. 


    I am an Art student who is looking to get into art education. I love ceramics and several other media. This is the first blog I have ever done. Feedback is appreciated.


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